Prof. em. Dr. Karl Westhoff
Professorship “Assessment and Intervention” at the Dresden Technical University till 31.03.12.

Since the 01.04.12 Consultant, Coach, and Trainer


selected Publications

  • The Decision-Oriented Interview (DOI) as an in-depth selection interview. Westhoff, K. (2014). Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 56, 137-153.

  • The Decision-Oriented Interview (DOI) as a Marketing Instrument for Obtaining Information about Brands. Westhoff, K. & Schmidt, A. (2014). International Journal of Business and Social Research, 10, 92-104.

  • Competence-oriented oral examinations: objective and valid.
    Westhoff, K. & Hagemeister, C. (2014). 
    Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 56, 319-331.

  • The Decision-Oriented Interview (DOI) as a Selection Interview.
    Westhoff K. (Ed.) (2013). Lengerich: Pabst Science Publishers. eBook:

  • How to Write and Evaluate Psychological Reports.
    Westhoff, K. & Kluck (2012). eBook:

  •  Task-Analysis-Tools (TAToo) – Step-by-Step Support for Successful Job and Work Analysis.
    Koch, A. & Westhoff, K. (2012).
    Lengerich: Pabst. eBook: